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Business Advisory

Business Advisory

We specialise in working with the small to medium-sized enterprises, mid-market businesses and entrepreneurs that are entering the Latin American market.

Our advice is based on a deep understanding of the stages of business growth from start-up through to maturity and diversification. We have a dedicated team of partners and staff with the experience and expertise to help you achieve your goals in the region.

Our advisors understand that all countries and markets in Latin America are different and each business opportunity may require a specific ‘tailor-made’ solution. In order to successfully grow in the region, proper planning and market knowledge is critical. Our advisors will work with management to understand where and how to best utilise resources to optimise business performance. We can assist in the development of strategic plans that will provide clients with the confidence to invest in the region and more importantly; we can be on the ground to help execute business plans.

Harris Gomez Group successfully partners with clients to help achieve their business and performance goals. Our advisors have on the ground experience and understand the dynamics of how businesses operate in the region. When dealing with international operations, understanding the culture is just as important as understanding each business function. Our advisors draw on their regional experience in order to create quality solutions that can be implemented with local staff. We work with you, side-by-side, to ensure that each solution achieves the desired performance.

Our advisors can assist clients with a broad range of commercial transactions from participating in a commercial tender process, purchase / sale of assets, procurement of products and services and general due diligence activities. We also have the knowledge and experience to lead mergers and the acquisition of businesses. We can advise on the various aspects of commercial transactions to ensure the best outcome for the client. Our advisors’ experience in the region may be the difference between winning a great deal or losing a big deal.

– Strategic Planning

– Mergers & Acquisitions

– Commercial Tendering / Bid Process Management

– Risk Management

– General Project Management

– Local Board Participation

– General CFO Advisory Services

– Compliance & Governance Management

– Business Start Ups

– Business Turnaround

– Restructuring Services

– Finance & Funding Management

– Legal Entity & Joint Venture Creation Management

– Business Financial Planning

– Project Financial Evaluations

– Mentoring & Coaching