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Market Entry Services



Given today’s complex world and turbulent economic environment, companies planning to enter the Latin American market need to be more prepared than ever before. There are a variety of ways in which a company can enter a foreign market. No one market entry strategy works for all international markets.

Our market entry and business development services support your entry in the Latin American market and help you to become and remain successful. Some of the market entry and business development services we offer include:

Market Study

Before a company decides to pursue a new market or location, an in-depth analysis of the target market is essential. Not only are the strengths and weaknesses of the existing competition important factors to consider, but external market conditions should also be investigated in order to minimize the risks of investing in a new market.

Business Partner Search

Searching for ideal business partners in Latin America can be a time-intensive and challenging experience, mainly due to the geographic distance from Australia, but also to the sheer size of the continent, language barriers, differences in time zones, and in business cultures.

Registered Office

Our intercultural and bilingual team is specialised in representing and supporting your company in the Latin American market without expensive personnel and office structures. Our registered office service provides a simple initial step towards establishing your Latin American presence and serves as an interface between your company in Australia and in Chile.

Site Selection

We provide a broad and objective analysis service based on your individual catalogue of search criteria for your ideal location. In any given site selection process, a multitude of stakeholders (economic developers, real estate agents, attorneys, tax advisors, etc.) are involved which can complicate the process. For this reason, site selection requires a partner experienced in the market.

We are able to help you navigate through this complex process by communicating on your behalf with all involved parties. In doing so, we enhance our ability to protect your interests and support your specific requirements and preferences.