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We’ve been working closely with Harris Gómez from the Harris Gómez Group for about 2 years or so now. Harris was instrumental in ensuring that our purchase of a substantial Chilean resource asset went with out too many hitches. A complex deal; made even more difficult due to the marked differences in the Chilean and Australian legal jurisdictions not to mention the huge cultural divide. Harris’s unique blend of Australian and Chilean knowledge saved us time, energy and in the long run, money.Since taking possession of the project, Harris’s Team has smoothed the way for our integration into the Chilean business world and for this we are grateful. 2006 “National Entrepreneur of the Year” 2009 ANZ “Private Company of the Year” 2007 BRW “#1 Fastest Growing of the Year” 2008 Anthill’s “Coolest Company of theYear”.

Andrew Walker

Chairman Australis Mining Ltd