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The Airport Economist

I have known and worked with Harris Gomez & Associates for many years in Australia, Asia & Latin America. In my roles as Chief Economist of the Australian Trade Commission (Austrade), Visiting Professor at Pontificia Universidad Católica (PUC) in Chile and here at the Australian School of Business, UNSW, in Sydney, I have come to regard Harris Gomez and his firm as the ‘go to’ Australian source of business and legal advice in Latin America. Harris and his firm provide excellent business intelligence, insight, knowledge and have a very practical approach to law, customs and government regulations. Harris’s high standing and reputation in Australia and Asia has transferred effortlessly to South America and he is a prominently leader in the Australian business community in both Santiago and throughout the region. Australian business and government leaders regularly seek his insight, advice and judgment on business and public policy matters affecting Australia, Chile and the Latin American region. Harris has built up a great young team of business professionals, many of whom, such as Cody McFarlane, have assisted me closely in my business and education dealings in Chile.

Tim Harcourt

The Airport Economist